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How to decrease cancellation Rate?

Most of the time buyers don’t ask that, can you do that?..! they just place order and unfortunately we do cancel the order and they don’t cancel with mutual agreement…! I don’t know how to control this situation…! share some ideas for better solutions…!

The only ways to “decrease” your cancellation rate are to stop cancelling orders, or to complete more orders, thereby lowering your cancelled-to-completed order ratio. :wink:

Unfortunately, you are going to get cancellations. I have had orders come in and, yeah, it is completely not something I do. No previous contact from the buyer, so I had to cancel and accept that I was going to get another cancel marked down. Other times you have contact with the potential buyer, but lines got crossed. When you get the order, you go “wait, this isn’t what we discussed” and have to cancel it. I had that happen too. The important thing: focus on the jobs you can do, get them done, and make your customers happy. When I am looking to buy, I am more concerned with the rating and treatment a seller gives than if cancellations happened. Of course, those happen. :slight_smile:

I’ve had a few orders where the buyer vanishes after purchasing. It’s rather annoying, but it can’t be helped. Your cancellation rate doesn’t affect you negatively (or so I have been repeatedly told), so I don’t think too much about it.