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How to delete a buyer's image from a gig's page?


My buyer asked me that how to delete their delivered image from the gig’s page/gallery with personal reasons.

Simply I want to do that. How can I do that or my buyer should do it?

Thanks in advance to all who gives attention to this topic.

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I think the only way you can do it is to get the buyer to contact CS and ask them to do it - neither you nor the buyer are able to do it yourself. :sunny:

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i think buyers have the option when they complete an order that want to show this order preview or not…if your buyer select to show his work preview now i think customer support can solve it…

Just zip the file and send it. I think it will work.

Its a good question m also want to know this…???

I believe @offlinehelpers has given the correct answer in the post above.

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The seller has the settings for the portfolio somewhere. I had it active once and it showed PDF-files I had send to clients in my gig portfolio. I turned it off and they were gone.
Don’t ask me where the buttons are. Just click a little bit left, right and in the middle somewhere.

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try to disable live portfolio.


Only way is to contact CS if image or video is already live now.

That’s it.
Contacting CS for that problem is total BS. If that was necessary their only job would do just that all day long.

That would disable all portfolio entries, not just the one the buyer wants removed, which would be a bit unfair for the OP as I`m sure they want the rest to remain visible.


Offlinehelpers is right. “After the fact”, neither seller nor buyer can delete a portfolio entry.

During the order review/completion process, the buyer has the option to untick a check box to show/not show the kind of file that would be displayed in the seller’s portfolio. Default is show.
Like that, a seller can have their portfolio active but buyers who prefer their order to remain private can choose so.


few days ago i faced same request from a buyer. i knocked to fiverr CS and then within few hours they provided me the solution.

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note that, neither seller nor buyer can delete portfolio sample after completing order and evaluation.

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