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How to delete a topic that I created?


Hi Guys,
I recently made a topic but after someone answered my question I got that the question was not dumb and unnecessary. how can I delete it?

Thanks experts in advance!


Hi Adrian, you can only delete your posts in other people´s topics (click the “…” below the post and then the trash can) but not your own topic, which kind of makes sense, because else a lot of people would delete their topics and the sometimes many posts within, which others spent time on who do not want their posts deleted, it´s already sometimes making oneself feel dumb when one replies to another´s post and said post then gets deleted or even edited until it is nothing like it was before :wink:

You could ask one of the moderators to delete it, though, if it really bothers you, else, just forget about it, nobody is going to dwell on it, probably most of us have written something we later wished we hadn´t once or twice, and it will soon be buried under other topics anyway. :slight_smile:


Thanks Miiia for explaination :slight_smile:


Miiila is right and I just wanted to add that it will scroll off so no one sees it in a day or two anyway.