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How to delete account?

Could anyone please kindly tell me how to delete my account? I mean, the necesary steps to remove/delete my account? Is there anything wrong with my gigs? Have I offended anyone with my gigs???

I’ve been here since almost 3 months (14 june). Still nothing. Everytime I try to check in the Android app for buyers requests I get the message “No buyers request found”. I have only received fake orders from ***** people, and in general very rude people.

Thanks to anyone who can tell me how to delete my account!

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Check out this link -

You can manually deactivate your account, which is more or less permanent.

If you’re looking for more than that, you’ll have to open a ticket with Customer Support using the link Hridoywriter posted above.


Under Profle>Settings you can find

I’ve seen an awful lot of forum posts from people who complained that they couldn’t reactivate after making that choice. You could always just pause all your gigs and leave the account dormant, just in case you ever want to try again later. Fiverr is hard nowadays unless you do some of your own marketing. It does still work if you sell something that people want and you work at it.


Thank you for the info

Delete your account!
Hi John,
“Cutting off the head is not the solution to an headache” according to a Yoruba proverb.
You can delete your account, that’s fine, but this is not a good reason to do that because it is a challenge almost every new seller have to face.
There are challenges everywhere, If you run from one here, you will meet another elsewhere.
You just have to study the terrain, learning from old successful sellers is one out of the thousand way to make it here.
Rude buyers! You’re right, but they’re in every market place in the world, all it takes to deal with them is little human management and communication skill, the relationship is a mutual relationship, you must learn to make them drop there money happily.


Ok. So, could you please tell me if there’s anything wrong with my gigs,? Have I offended anyone with my gigs? I always get “No buyers request found”.

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