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How to delete/edit a reply in the review section?

Hi. Is it possible to edit or delete my own reply on a review that my buyer left me? I made a typo mistace an i want to fix that.


Once it has been posted, you cannot edit your response to client’s review. It’s better to always re read your response as it will be publicly available to all other users as well the buyers.

Yes i know but i did it quickly from my phone and now it just looks bad. Maybe i should create a suport ticket. Can they help me?

I’m not so sure as I have never tried it before.

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Please make sure before review. Check minimum twice the time to put. I know that you may be not able to this. For better solutions always contact with Fiverr support center. :smiley:

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Hi! Once I wrote “this seller” instead of “this buyer” and CS was awesome and changed it for me after I asked. You can try to ask them


No,you cannot edit or delete your review once you have posted. It is always better to check the review before posting it.

Thank you for your answers. It turned out i didnt made a typo mistake :slight_smile: but for the future i’ll double check everything