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How to delete fiverr account and create a new one

I created my account 3 years ago to explore and then became inactive. Now I want to start earning but the problem is I have been inactive for so long with zero orders and I think this is the bad impression to customers.I want to fully delete this account and create a new one. Is it possible?


There is nothing wrong with your profile. I don’t see why you would want to delete it.

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Hey, Thank you for your response.
Just that I am not getting any orders and also regularly sending response to buyers requests. I thought may be because of this issue

I suggest you to not delete it. If you are not satisfied with gigs you can delete them and make new one. Even you can change description, pictures anything without username.

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Then if it is possible, can you suggest me how can I improve my gigs?

Hi darling, don’t delete your account. Continue with it. Just delete some gigs or change some description if you want to do it.

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Yes, you can search on forum and start a new topic as well.
I can say.

  1. Clearly and precisely mention what are you offering.
  2. Use original images on your gig picture , if possible add video it will help a lot.
  3. Your focus keyword should be in gig title and gig description.
  4. Try to add 5 to 10 FAQs , so buyer can understand more about your service.
  5. See top rated gigs and it will help you.
    Thanks .
    If someone wants to mention other helpful tips go ahead. Thanks
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Thanks a lot for your response. Appreciated :slight_smile:

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You can put a link of your gig here. We can tell you if there is something that needs to be improve.

I have published 4 gigs. Can you please checkout all 4. Same user name

Make a super eye-catching portfolio (the first image is the most important). Always 1 gig of all gigs you have will be the best seller. You can find out which gig is the most visited in “Analytics”.

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Links can only be put in Improve My Gig if help is required so I have moved the post to this category as the OP seems to have changed direction.

You can always put a note in your profile description explaining that you have been away and have just come back.

Just add your Fiverr profile or gig link to your initial post.

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Okay, can you please put link below so it can be easier for us to approach.

Oh , my bad. Thank you so much for the help.

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Try to improve your cover and images of your “vector portrait of your picture” gig.

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I checked them .Those are fine. But the field in which you are offering service has a huge competition. They are over-crowded with more 100000+ Sellers. Mostly are new. So its a bit hard to get orders at once, but never give up. Try sending buyer request which you think you can do best. You will get order from someone, keep up the good work!

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Thank you . I will try to improve myself :smile:

Thanks again for your time. I will try to improve myself :sweat_smile:

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There is the problem with fiverr analysis these days. I will surely check them out once they resolve the issue :smile:

There’s a bug. Try to go to “gigs” and see if “impressions” “clicks” “views” are shown.

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