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How to delete my facebook account?

I have tried several times to delete my facebook account but there does not seem to be a way to do it. Has anyone ever successfully done this and if so how?

Would buying a few thousand likes do it?

I think you can only deactivate it.
Or you can try insulting Zuckerberg and they might kick you out.

I would love to deactivate it. I may have done that once but it was still there.
Nothing changed at all so not sure why they called it “deactivated”. It’s a sneaky dangerous site. They are the largest data miners of people’s personal habits besides Google.

I am not on facebook but contacting facebook directly might help. I also heard even if you do delete your account your information will still be stored somehow and will never disappear for good.

Well good luck! I deleted my account in 2008 only to discover that it had somehow magically restored itself in 2012. As a bit of added cheek it then asked me to register my mobile number when I tried to sign in to delete/deactivate it again.

That said, if you want to get revenge on the CIA, sorry, Mark Zuckerberg, for mining all your data you can always mess with their algorithm by keeping your facebook profile and just posting insane things to it every now and again like how yesterday you finally realized your life long ambition to start hunting endangered animal species.

Then again… No, that could go horribly wrong. Do take note, though, that even if you do deactivate your account and you are based outside of Europe, facebook reserves the right to track and collect data from you via the cookies in your web browser. In fact, they do that even if you’ve never had a facebook account.

It’s scary really but even facebook isn’t as bad as the first 15mb of data from your computer microphone and webcam getting beamed to Microsoft every time you turn on your PC.

I’ve had the same experience you described where I thought I had deleted my facebook account, which took a huge amount of time to figure out how to do it since there doesn’t seem to be any obvious way, only to come back at a later time and see that I still have an account after all, when I suddenly started getting emails from facebook again. All who enter that gate never leave.

You can choose to deactivate it or delete it. Deactivating it means once you try to log in again, it goes back to normal. Deleting it really deletes it forever. My friend has done this successfully (deleting her account). I don’t think I’ll be able to put an external link but just do a simple google search on how to delete a facebook account. There usually is a detailed step by step procedure found there. :slight_smile:

I do hope you aren’t toying with me. Thank you.

She is right, I deactivated my old Facebook account from college days as I had enough of all the happy people. I don’t remember how I did it, but I deactivated it, and it’s no longer around. Now I have a Facebook account just for logging in to different sites, and it has no friends on it and I don’t want any.

That’s why I love working on Fiverr so much, it keeps my mind off the social media, Facebook, Twitter, politics, etc.

I agree. This is an excellent diversion from all that.

You can delete as well as deactivate. If you deactivate , you can get back any time. If you deleted, you can’t get back after 14 days. However if you logged in within 14 days and restored account, it will not be deleted. But you can get link by adding a search term ‘permanently’ and make sure to follow some trustworthy site link(without fb) as you will not get the link to delete account permanently within fb.

Yes there is not way to permanently delete your account on facebook.

How do people have more than one account on fb? The cookie is so persistent that I can’t go to fb without it knowing who I am and taking me to my account and yet people have various accounts for business. How do they do this?

Sorry the bracket term will be outside fb

Ha ha, they can manage it successfully. Sometimes I also wonder. How?

Maybe they login from a proxy for their other accounts because that site will know who you are no matter what.

Log out of your Facebook account, create another one with a different e-mail address. Repeat as many times as needed.

Of course, since it’s against Facebook’s Terms of Service to have more than one account, additional accounts get deleted once they’re discovered.

Just logging out doesn’t fool the site. It recognized me by my computer.

After you log out, there should be an option to create another account, if you enter different information (different name, different e-mail address, different password and date of birth) and click on “Create an account” button. Then you can log into whichever account you choose.

Unchecking “Keep me logged in” box should prevent Facebook from automatically logging you into your account, if that’s what’s giving you trouble. You might have to uncheck it several times (after logging out several times) for it to work.