How to delete my post


:slight_smile: is it possible


It’s kind of you try and help others, but this is copied from:

Maybe try writing your own tips? :slight_smile:


@offlinehelpers :spy: :clap:

…And the icing on the :cake: is three people liked OP’s stolen post not knowing the OP lifted the write-up.
OP~ Next-time cite the source!


…and don’t ask for advice on how to break Fiverr’s ToS!


Although many people think this would bring in business, being honest is the true secret to success.

There are many successful sellers who are from Pakistan. Pakistan is a great country and if that’s where you were born, you should embrace it.

Best of luck.


I also liked the OP’s post because i also checked the profile and knew he stole someone’s gig. but thought i will tell him later because i was doing something very important… so instead of bookmarking it, i liked it. Then it will show in my latest activity.
That’s the reason.
“Don’t judge the book by it’s cover.”