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How to delete review?

How i delete or disable all review on my profile ?


Please inbox me As soon

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You can’t. Reviews are there to stay!


By the way, why would anyone want to delete all their 5* reviews? :roll_eyes: :thinking: :grimacing:

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Thanks for your response .
i wanna hide my all review 5* or others.

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You can’t delete review

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And why would that be?

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It is not support more know details.

You can’t do so. Even if you delete your gig still review will remain visible on your profile.

You can’t hide or remove reviews and ratings in your fiverr profile. Rating and reviews show your profile qulity and gig qulity.

There’s no way you can delete your review. But if you have any special case, you may contact Customer Support and explain your issue perfectly and see if they can do anything for you.


but why :thinking: :thinking:

You can’t delete or remove any reviews. Contact support for more details.

why you wanna delete a review it reflects what you have done

It’s not possible. You can’t hide your reviews


there is a good reason for reviews to be visible. Reviews on Fiverr are totally needed. This is how potential buyers can have an idea about what you are selling prior to ordering. And sellers can be warned in case a buyer is difficult (or awesome).

I doubt it if cs will remove your reviews.