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How to Delete Reviews


Hi, My name is Neeraj Kumar and I am working on Fiverr as a Photo Editor. Last month I got a project where I have to colorize historical pictures. Work was completed. The buyer was happy he gave 5 Star also. But Problem is that From the Project Picture of Hitler is now Published in my Reviews. Now I am not getting any orders. Buyers are saying you are supporting nazi. That sounds funny for me. I only Completed my Project.
No what should I do? Please Help me.


The Customer Support can remove images from your Portfolio and you can try asking them for it. (But I doubt if they will do it for this reason. LOL)


This is particularly unfortunate.
I would suggest contacting CS, explaining the situation and including a screenshot.
If this situation I imagine they will remove it.


Click on Selling > My Gigs

Next to the gig, there is an arrow on the far right. Click on it. From this dropdown menu, remove the tick next to the box that says ‘LIVE PORTFOLIO’.

That should do it, at least until you have enough images that that one will be buried, then maybe you can turn it back on.


Wow. That’s him alright. Yeah, I’d say CS will help you hide that one.



Contact him. I would. Don’t forget to blame the buyer as a WSJ hack.

You’re welcome, put your prices up before the storm hits.


Also, this is not the first portrait of HItler to get colorized in recent times (the very same one). I suspect a raid.[quote=“neerajg7, post:1, topic:110060”]
Buyers are saying you are supporting nazi.

Most colorization fans nerd over bad coloring, not the events behind it. As in “that petticoat should be peach colored” and getting angry about it. I’d take this to CS and mention Pewdiepie and recent buyers trolling you about this. There is nothing political or offensive about coloring B&W pics.

Just argue my point (the colorizing to bring history alive, not being a raging nazi) if Fiverr won’t review. Trust me, anyone genuine will get it and those reviews will be useless. But do watch out for the Hitler trolls at the moment. There’s $$ to be made, and you’re just a throwaway.


Let’s all reflect on how effective having real exposure over a shit “doer” campaign is while we’re at it.


The unfortunate thing is that Fiverr may just kick this seller under the bus because of politics and shit, Eoin. You know that as well as I do. That colorization job has been done by quite a few others lately, hence my conclusions.

But since the trolls bring the $$$ in…