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How to delete the negative reviews

How can I delete my negative reviews from my profile?

May be to ask FS to help?

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Hello Yurymuzlanov,What does FS mean please

You don’t. Negative reviews – like positive reviews – are earned as a result of the work you deliver to your clients. Great work gains great reviews. Poor work usually gains negative reviews. Reviews cannot be removed. They are, usually, permanent. Even Fiverr encourages sellers to work with their buyers to resolve transaction issues.

Work to earn positive reviews. You have complete control over the quality of your work. Deliver work that results in positive reviews.


please check here :slight_smile:

Hi victoriawatts, I meant Fiverr Support
They are very good

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I don’t think you can delete negative reviews.

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You can only change reviews with the consent of the buyer. maybe there was a communication issue or they didn’t understand what they were buying. You can delete them just because you don’t like them being there. The best way to eliminate the effect of bad reviews is to have hundreds of great reviews.

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