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How to delete unnecessary messages in inbox


I would like to suggest to have a delete option in the inbox folder. I have accumulated a hundred messages from Fiverr “giggers” who have responded to my request.


I second that. Not being able to delete messages is dumb


Good tip - still though, I think deleting would be a nice option too. Storing millions of unwanted messages definitely takes up server space that Fiverr has to pay for, so it would be win-win for everyone to give us the option to delete old, unwanted messages


I also agree that there should be an option to delete the messages…

Please add this option soon…



Deleting would remove any traceability for issues, disputes even legal issues down the line so think the archive option is safest for both fiverr and us :wink:


I guess sorta related to this topic, but I have one message stuck in my inbox that I believe was some kind of phishing scam link. When I try to open it so I can archive or just get rid of it, it keeps telling me I can’t access it or whatever. Gah. Annoying to see it in my inbox all the time, but not the end of the world. :frowning:


Reply to @itsamellama: I know exactly what you’re referring to itsamellama. I’m in the same exact situation.

@arnevb - The problem here is that the message can’t be opened at all. So “Archiving” it is out of question.


I would think it may be so that if needed, messages could be checked when there is an issue or complaint. If we could delete, then no proof if needed. Just a thought.


Oops someone said the same above!


Its all getting confusing with so many inbox messages which we cant even delete which we dont need A Delete Button is a must


why i cant recieve my pament in fiverr account ?


I would like to hear what fiverr excuse is for not having a delete mail option. I know we are all discussing what else we can do but could someone please tell us why this is not an option. I will not strike up any more conversations now in my inbox because of this I will ask people to email my aol account. I don’t want 100 messages. I don’t even want the 5 I have now. cause they are dumb messages from someone who wanted money but couldn’t even answer one simple question. so I am supposing there are a lot of people in here who really cant do what they say they can. and this 5 dollar thing is not for real. you cant get anything done for 5 dollars in here. oh well. a delete button is not to much to ask for. thanks fiverr for blocking up your server by not allowing delete. duh, no brainer.


Would love the delete button as well. My inbox is not a trash can! :-p


I would love to have a Delete Button. Please add this


The issue for me is not about deleting the whole message post, as much as being able to organise each message with a seller (or buyer).

For example, I’ve asked questions of a seller to ensure they can provide the service I need, these are now irrelevant. These clog up my messages with this seller, and I’d like to get rid of them.

Fiver (as I can see it), only allows me to archive the whole message block with this particular seller - but there’s info in there I may like to go back to when I place an order in a couple of weeks with the same seller. Not possible - or have I missed something?


its stupid not to delete messages. so unprofessional


As a seller Once you delete a message you can not reply client event client want to contact are only able to see client message only. This is a problem with Fiverr system. I have face this problem.

I am working with a buyer. I got an order from them and compleated order successfully. So I have removed(delete message) this client from an inbox. Next few days client send me a message. I am able to see that message but not able to reply to him.

I have contact customer support but they also don’t know what is a problem because maybe he has all permission to check and send a message to every client. where users have only limited access(seller send a message to a buyer who have contacted once).

I have a provide technical solution to technical support of Fiverr and then they able to solve this problem for me.

<b>So not delete message archive it</b>


Don’t delete message only archive it.


I also want this feature. Sometimes buyer replay. Ok. Cool. Sure.
Fiverr should allow sellers to hide/archive those messages.
So we can able to keep only important messages in inbox


Same here. I had a whole bunch of people make me offers and now my inbox is flooded with messages I cant get rid of.