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How to deliver a Landing Page Order?


I am little confused, how to deliver an order which is landing Page. Can you please give me the right way to deliver my order?



Do you mean because the delivery isn’t a file, but instead something that would be built into the backend of a buyer’s website?

This kind of work is tricky because if the buyer decided to change your work or even remove it, you wouldn’t really be able to prove that you did what you said you did. The same goes for once you no longer have access to the buyer’s site, if the work is private.

To protect yourself from being accused of not delivering, I would take a screen video of yourself scrolling through the landing page you created, as well as any features you set up. Do this on the backend of the site to indicate that you accessed it.

You can deliver this order as a file with this screen video and, if the work is live, the URL for the landing page, although the URL becomes moot if the buyer reverts it to private, deletes it or makes any edits. It’s still wise to include the URL for a live page in case Fiverr wants to review it, and also for your convenient access in your records.

I would also advise you include a write-up in your delivery detailing the work you did, including any copy you wrote, features you suggested and/or set-up, as well as a copy/paste of any free advice you gave the buyer in Fiverr chat before you ordered. You want there to be a full record in the delivery of the work you did and as firm proof as possible that you actually did it. The buyer will also appreciate this for their own records.

Another thing you can include in your delivery is the code for the work that you did, provided it isn’t public source code, which would be accessible to anyone via their browser. IMPORTANT:
If you are delivering any documents or back-end related files in this gig, you should uncheck the Live Portfolio option because that really should be totally confidential.


Thank you very much for your Great information.


Thanks for the valuable information . I have got 2 violation warning because of not sending the delivery proof . This is very important for the web designer and developer and when they will work on wordpress.


Definitely. Fiverr needs to know that you’re actually doing the work. For all they know you could just say you are unless you provide proof.



I either take screenshots or videos of the work carried out, to prove the service has been provided etc.