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How to deliver a milestone?


Just made my first milestone offer and the buyer accepted it. I’m not ready to deliver yet but want to be sure on how to do that once the moment will come.

On the order page, I can see that the first milestone started. I have the normal “Deliver Now” button to “complete the order”. I guess that when I use this button, it will only mark the first milestone as complete, right? I just want to be sure.


There aren’t milestones here on fiverr, when you push the deliver button you send the completed work to your buyer, you can send samples of work during the order via messages in the attachment.


The look and feel of the order remains the same with the milestone.
So upon submission of your delivery and acceptance, you move onto your next milestone.

More Info:

Fiverr DOES have milestones feature now. It is in Beta, so maybe you do not have it.


I didn’t know about this beta feature anyway as a beta is available for few sellers and buyers only.

Yes, OP has the feature obviously, hence him asking the question about it.

@djgodknows perfect, that’s what I was thinking, thanks!

And yes, I have it since a few weeks :wink:

I see the milestone option on my make an offer page. I am a new level one seller and I have done only 10 orders.

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I can’t wait for this. It will be great for big projects and letting buyers “test the waters” before committing to a big project.

Hey so I have lost alot of money on this milestone feature.

I have completed all milestones and delivered the order.
Please note there is no where on the page i can say delivered a milestone, so I just went and finished the project and delivered it.

The buyer has still not responded to the milestone delivery but has accepted the delivery
I know the buyer and I think he is not aware of how to accept the milestone delivery.

Now I have completed the order, But i have been paid only for the first milestone. I really don’t know what to do.

And both the orders have been completed and i have not been paid.

I am really disappointed. If anybody can help or guide me in the right direction. It would be great