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How to deliver "an edited document" to buyer?

I need clarification for what exactly I should send to a buyer for her essay. Her order includes one revision and an additional revision (for extra). I guess what I’m asking is which version of the document do I send her before the 1st revision comes up?

Do I send her the document with all the highlights, strikethroughs, and MS Word Track Change-comments still intact?

Or do I send her the story after everything is corrected and cleaned up? Then she decides whether to seek out the revision?

Also, Feedback is included in my packages. I may have a different idea of what feedback is compared to others’ ideas about it. Do I provide feedback on each edited copy? What kind of feedback do you (writers, editors, anyone really) provide for your buyers?

I understand that I’ll need to put up more requirements and be more specific in my Gig description. This is my first order, so I want to be right about this :slight_smile:

I think that you should send her final formatted essay. She can think if the revision is required or not:)

For feedback, I suggest either putting comments throughout OR writing a final, overall comment for feedback in a separate document OR writing per-section feedback in a separate document.

As for revisions, I tend to just make the changes and send it along. Track changes can get messy… but, if you have a difficult buyer it SHOULD be used so you can demonstrate exactly what you did, which can later be used to argue that you did all the work you claimed to do.