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How to deliver partial-deliveries & revisions in a 7 day gig

I am working on a story gig of 10k words, 7 days
Agreement (between me & buyer) is for partial review after I am halfway (which is today) and then maximum 6 revisions thereafter.

There are still 4 days of gig delivery period left & I expect 2-3 revision requests on partial work & 1 or 2 revision requests on full completion of work.

What is the best way to deliver for above need?

  1. Hit Deliver every time (for each revision).
    Will that trigger 24 Hour timer which will override the current 4dayXXhours timer?


  1. Send partial delivery & last-but-one delivery on message attachments & only send the last final revision delivery via Delivery button.

Well, in future I’d be tempted to use the milestones facility for partial deliveries - at least then you know you’ll get paid for your work. Although the total fee has to be over $100.

When you deliver, you need to deliver the whole thing, or you leave yourself open to an “incomplete delivery” cancellation.

So what I suggest is this: Deliver in messaging. Make sure you have a watermark and/or some kind of security lock on your document - pdf is good for this.

Take every precaution on this type of delivery.

Cynical?! Moi?!

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