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How to deliver "sample" work on voiceovers

Hello there,

Sometimes the clients ask for a “sample” voiceover in my gigs and they send me a small script for me to read promissing a long gig if they are satisfied. Obviously, there is a risk that this small script is the gig itself and once I record it, I will never hear from them again. So what I do is inserting in the background a random 1000HZ sound at 30% of the volume. A beep about 2 seconds long that randomly appears and disappears mixed with my voice.
I’d advice if you work in the voiceover category to download a 1000Hz sound (you can easily find it on Youtube), lower it down to 30% and save it for future use.

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Hi, that’s great advice. It sounds like work for free to me to do a voiceover sample, even if they can’t use it but if you are willing to do it that’s a nice thing to offer.

Well, I really don’t mind to record a 15 sec sample if it’s going to bring a 150$ project. I do understand the buyer needs some sort of confidence that my work will suit his expectations. But adding the beep ensures you will get payed, since they can’t use it.

I am curious how long it would take you to make the sample?

You have a wonderful voice!

Well, thanks. Probably about 3 minutes, no more. My home studio setup is ready and I usually deliver my paid orders in less than 20 minutes, depending on the complexity. I do voiceovers outside of Fiverr through my own website all day long, so it really doesn’t take too long to produce a 15 second sample, everything is ready to record and upload.

I know this is really out of context but I want you to know your voice is amaaazing! It makes me want to order a Spanish voiceover gig for no reason. haha. Keep up the awesome work! :smiley:

Hahahah thanks! :slight_smile: