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How to deliver this order

I get an order from Indian Buyer. He gives me the order but he didn’t give me any information in order. My work is ready to deliver.

What can I do now?

Thanks advance

Did he started the order?
If yes, go to the order page, and click on deliver work, attach the files if needed and deliver it.

yes, he starts. but here didn’t any information. For this no delivery option on this order page.

on the order page, you will find an option, like this, “I have all the information needed. Start the order” click on it and it will start the order count down clock and then you will see the deliver work button

What does him being from that country matter?
I think you should erase his nationality.

now he want to cancel this order. what can i do now?

Go to resolution center (on top right side on order page), and follow the procedure to cancel this order.

what can i do now?

accept or decline?