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How to desactivate "order delivered" When it's a lie?



I placed my first order this week which was due yesterday. I received a mail today from Fiverr saying “congratulations, your order is complete, go and check” When I arrive on my page, it was written that the order was complete but the seller just sent me an email asking for more time to finish the job. How to desactivate the complete order, I mean, it’s obviously a lie for the seller to say that he delivered the job on time.




@mariama_diallo There should be a modification request button on the order page.

Sometimes sellers need more time for some order that is out of the ordinary that takes more than the average time. If you had a list of things extra you need done for the order than you can wait 1-2 days more maximum, after that you can’t request modifications.

Review option expires in 30 days after completion.


A seller is not allowed to mark the order as complete without delivering the final product.

As already said it is against the Fiverr regulations. You need to click “request a modification” or the order will be automatically marked as complete after 3 days.