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How to Design 3 Free Gig Images, Even if you're Not a Graphic Designer


I want to give back to this community by Helping new and Old Sellers to create FREE Custom Gig Images for your gigs since im not currently busy with Orders. But I dont know to deliver the Images to fellow sellers since I’m don’t want them to Order my gig

Please can someone advice me?
You Can Check out my gigs for sample of my watercolor Designs
MY Watercolor Designs Samples


It’s nice to know that you are willing to help other sellers here. You’re a rare gem. I think you can tell any interested seller to message you via fiverr inbox. Everything can be handled and done from there except that you might get too many messages anyway.


All the images in their so-called “portfolio” are stolen from the internet. Getting anything from them would likely get sellers who do it in trouble.


Yes, that might be true. I never thought about that. Nothing good comes easy after all.


Might? Check out the gig images, they’re all over the internet.


Yes, you’re right. I just did a check.