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How to Design High Quality Logo Tips

Research Your Client’s Business

Before working on a logo, research the client’s business thoroughly. Pick the right elements of colors, shape, fonts, even lines, and symbol of the target customer. Find out what your client’s company sells and who are the customers. Find out their financial, educational, and social background.

Avoid Following The Trends

Often, graphic designers follow some trendy patterns, colors, typefaces and other things to impress viewers and clients. But usually this should be avoided. This is because design trends last only for a few months or a year or so.

Create Logo First In Black And White

Another thing to consider is that your company logo should be equally impressive in black and white. To find out if a logo looks like a memorable design in black and white, first create it without colors. If your logo drawing is not impressive, change it until you are satisfied.

Make It Scalable

A scalable company logo is the one that does not lose its sense of proportion. Logos are versatile designs that appear on almost every small and big things.

Think Different

We all remember the things that stand out. The same is true for a company logo. Most of the logos that linger on in our memories are unique design. So, create something that people can enjoy watching so that it becomes part of our memories for decades. Come out with something different.

Adopt Minimalistic Approach

One of the surefire ways to design a logo in a unique way is to remove all the excessive elements. So, keep only those colors, shapes, lines, symbols, fonts that are just enough to convey a message. Any element that is unnecessary occupying the logo design space should be eliminated.

Test It Across All Platforms

Before you take a final decision on your company logo design, make sure to test it on several mediums. Do not forget that the logo will appear on different online and physical platforms. So, a logo may appear impressive on a printing paper, but find out if it looks the same on the front of a building.

Design It In Different Tones

A logo should be adjustable. Not all the mediums are created equal. Some medium may require altering the structure of your logo. Colors and positioning of the logo should be alternated when needed. The logo should have infinite potential for making the necessary changes to suit the requirements of a particular platform.

Give It A Deeper Meaning

One of the most important things to make a logo design success is its meaning or message. It should be symbolically conveying some deeper meaning. First, write your brand strategy statement on paper. Then, see if the logo is conveying it or not. Redesign the logo if the purpose is lacking.

Get Inspiration

Inspiration is a key thing behind every creative work. See the works of celebrity graphic designers. A look at the work of art can stimulate your creative brain.
Click on the link below to check out an example of a high quality logo.


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