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*how to detect fake reviews*

So with all the fuss over fake reviews I thought I would give some clarification around the subject.

  1. Why do people buy fake reviews in the first place?
    Many sellers feel like with out the fake orders/reviews they wont get real orders.

  2. So what should Fiverr do?
    They should give more exposure to new gigs. It is sad that people must go to a 3rd party site to buy reviews just to get there gig seen.

  3. How can I tell if a gig has fake reviews/orders?
    After doing a lot of research on the issue I have found many common traits on these fake gigs.
    -Lots of orders within a short period.
    -Similar review comments.
    -All 5 star reviews, THIS IS THE DEAD GIVEAWAY since it is very rare to see 5-10 reviews that are all positive.

  4. If you see any mention of the website [link removed for safety reasons] !!! this is the main provider for Fiverr reviews and some seller have been dumb enough to tell me this. This is a dead giveaway that the reviews were bought if the seller mentions this website!

  5. What to do if you notice any of the above signs?
    Report the gig to Fiverr support and help rid the marketplace of these fake gigs!

Thanks for reading this post and lets help make the marketplace better together. :slight_smile:

Admin Note: Interesting tips. The site links need to be removed (and shouldn’t be replaced with anything similar) to avoid careless readers from using the links for improper purposes.

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Great guide man, I also noticed the part about the [link removed for safety reasons] site lots of sellers advertise it. I hope this is brought to Fiverr’s attention.

Great post! I just wanted to comment on your third point, however. I don’t think those three criteria really apply across the board. There are lots of gigs that are run by teams of people, for example, and take on huge numbers of orders in a short period of time and there are also gigs that do not take very long to complete, and a single person can do a large quantity of orders very quickly.

It’s also important to note that if the buyer just leaves a star review and doesn’t write any of their own comments, Fiverr automatically fills in the review with one of five comments, which are dependent on the number of stars the buyer leaves, so lots of gigs will have hundreds of reviews that just say, “Outstanding Experience!” That doesn’t mean these are fake reviews, it just means the buyer didn’t take the time to rate and leave a review. I thought this was important to mention because I’ve seen several buyers on the forum claim that these have to be fake reviews, because they are all exactly the same–but that’s actually just a function of Fiverr.

Additionally, there are plenty of sellers that actually do have across the the board stellar reviews. Just because a buyer has never given them a negative review doesn’t mean that those reviews have been purchased. Lots of sellers have a 100% money-back guarantee, are really good at spotting buyers/job they’re not going to work well with, or simply provide something that is so high value, at such a low price, that someone would have to be really vindictive to leave them a negative review.


I totally agree with everything you said, the main thing is that if a seller has all of the points listed then it is something to at least be cautious of. Although large quantities, all 5 stars, and more on there own do not necessarily indicate fake reviews when you put them all together there is definitely a chance they can be fake.

This is just to inform people that there are scammers out there and to beware that people will try to take advantage of you.

There are many sellers with %100 positive reviews but sadly some of them are faked, and I always recommend talking with them before buying.

Thanks for the feedback and I hope everyone gets a better understanding of the review system! :slight_smile:

First of all, Fiverr gives justified exposure to new gigs in search. I, myself saw my gig when i was newbie.
No one is going to take risk by paying for any service from a seller with no review even they have option to cancel or get their money back. So most buyer get fake "kickoff review"
which i think is unjust. Because many sellers including me got first sale without doing that.
Guess what i did $30 work (which i charge now in $30) in $5.
Lots of orders within a short period, Similar review comments, All 5 star reviews DOESN’t always mean that reviews are fake. check out gigblast on fiverr, they gets sales ever minute i think ~ lol.
I myself parted a big order in small ones when buyer contacted me for a service just to get more ratings. You can’t just ignore the benefits of having high ratings gigs

Moreover, Fake reviews if proved can end one’s account being restricted according to TOS; i guess

I totally agree with you that Fiverr gives some exposure to new gig’s, but many new sellers don’t know how to optimize there gig’s to get seen. I think that there should be more tutorials on how to optimize your gig and attract sellers. This is one of the reason sellers have to turn to these review sites.

Although you may not “lose” $5 to a gig with fake reviews often times these gig’s will be of bad quality and you will have to spend your own time canceling your order which can be a hassle to go through.

Just another reason I want to bring attention to the issue to prevent anyone from losing there account.

There are many guides on internet. Suppose everyone knows and do optimization, even then only those will get sales who will optimize gigs better. This law of nature also. If everyone become educated and smart then who is gonna do the jobs which are supposed to be done by illiterate and less capable individuals?
Above all of this, if ones don’t know how to optimize and market their gigs, then thats mean they are less capable and don’t have knowledge. Every one don’t have marketing and customer service skills even they may be best designer, writer or developer.
I myself keep doing changes in gigs timely to keep the sales up.
You may be expert in your field but you need interpersonal, communication, marketing, internet, optimization, & customer service skills to sell your skills, & Services

What an amazing business idea! $75 for 10 reviews! They haven’t quite optimized their “discount” either. Who needs fake Amazon reviews anyway?!?!

I would usually agree with this, however, on one of my gigs (aside from a false negative review that’s currently awaiting a response from customer support), I have a repeat buyer who ordered from me once a week for about two months, and all her reviews are exactly what you’ve stated to look for as being fake! I am fairly new to Fiverr and the other buyers I’ve worked with have unfortunately not left reviews, so I’m left with what looks like a very redundant gig! It never really occurred to me to think of what that might look like to potential buyers but hopefully it doesn’t affect my sales!

That’s a great point!

Just like any site similar to Fiverr some will prevail while others fail, but this does not mean that we can ignore those that fail. Rather teach them and give all a fair chance.

Great in depth post by the way, and I defiantly agree with your points just wanted to add my own view :slight_smile:

Haha I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not. Although they are pricy I guess people are still buying them to my understanding??!!

I did’t consider that. Like I said this doesn’t apply 100% just some guidelines :slight_smile:

Half sarcasm, half admiration!

Sometimes an unhappy buyer will use repeat satisfied buyers as ‘evidence’ that you’re actually crap at your job and need to pay for reviews, when the reality is that maybe you’re just actually good at it and that’s why you have repeat buyers.

Don’t worry about it too much–it’s easily debunked, and you shouldn’t let bullies get to you.


I agree!

You did a great job man. carry on. :slight_smile: