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*how to detect fake reviews*

I never thought you could do this. If you want to post fake reviews on my profile, you need to pay at least $135 :smiley: :smiley:

First time I joined Fiverr I got an order from a buyer within several days. After I did my first job, he bought my gig again. If only I could tell you why he bought my gig, I would but I treat every order from buyers as something confidential. Anyway, I got 2 positive reviews from him. I found out that he also bought a gig from other sellers whose interest is kind of similar with me (related to our love for animals). They also got good reviews from him as he bought their gigs more than once. This buyer is a very nice person and very polite. He is not a fake buyer. But I know some people might think those reviews are fake since they are all positive and came from the same buyer. No problem though, it´s not like my gig is highly demanded anyway by people. Only specific people would buy my gig because no one really needs it, LOL.

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I think the base idea behind your dog story gig has a good potential for success.
Just a statement based on dog related gig requests i get both offline and online.

On the topic!
Fake or stolen work samples should also raise a red flag, I would think people who like to take shortcuts wouldn’t actually spend allot of time doing work for the fake reviews.

Thanks. Actually I am a housewife now. I wrote a lot in the past (for the companies that hired me) but mostly writing for their webpages or translating things. I always had my supervisors (editors) to check my work. What I wrote had got nothing to do with dogs (except some things I ghost wrote to help a few dog rescuer organizations - I wrote and translated for them voluntarily).

Now I am kind of retired and I wanna write about dogs, because I know many things about dogs and am excited whenever I find a topic about dogs. I have a lot of experiences dealing with dogs as I have rescued many dogs in different countries. However, I never pursue buyers because I am a lack of motivation as I am kind of retired, I cannot go back to the pace I used to have (even when I am still at my 30s). I don´t want to have to be stand by all the time to reply messages. So I just paused my gig. I am also too lazy to make samples so I don´t make one but I never have claimed other people´s writings as my samples (I will NEVER do that). I have enjoyed Fiverr because of the forum - I don´t have many things to do on daily basis. I spend time on the internet, mostly on Youtube and my dogs will just hang out around me. Maybe I will activate my gig again, but not now. It is not urgent at all. I am thinking of what nice way I should say in my gig that explains that I will write as best as I can, but on the other hand I don´t wanna be rushed to reply a message or to finish a writing. LOL.

Anyway, I have read many good writings in the forum and gave me more knowledge. Sometimes I read funny comments from people and they make me laugh. There are some threads that have made me laugh eventhough I don´t always comment on every single of them.

Now I’m paranoid, what if all the ppl replying to this thread are bots and aren’t actually real, what then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Permit me to disagree with most of your points, gigboost. At the moment, I have only 5 completed orders in Fiverr. The first 4 came from the same buyer that I got from Buyer Request. She was overwhelmed with my first design for her that she chose to cancel a logo design she told me she has been going back and forth with her seller on revisions because the seller could not meet her expectations. She gave me 3 more projects within a short period of time. And did I impress her on the logo? a big YES! But, she mistakenly rated me 4.7 star on the logo, and because I am a new seller, I did not have a clue on how to resolve the issue within the 3 days grace period, so it stayed that way (you can see the contrast in her review comment as par the rating when you check my logo design gig).

If not for that mistake, I was determined to bag in 5 stars with excellent designs above expectations, quick response and good communication. There are people who are exceptionally good in what they do, that can effectively relate with clients and have chosen to work only on Fiverr and therefore could give quick response.

It is 100% possible that one can make 20+ sales straight from day one on Fiverr with 5 stars all through; It all depends on organisation, good communication and excellent services. Except for the #4 , the things you listed above can only breed more fake reviews rather than curb it. if we believe that it is impossible to make many 5 stars, then we can not dissuade new sellers from taking a plunge into the world of fake reviews because one can simply pay for a few 4.5 stars reviews just to appear real. And if this becomes the trend what do you think will happen, if not to affect the people with excellent capacity. Yes! Because they will be believed to be the bad guys, and one will be tempted to scale down on excellence or join the bandwagon so as to meet the ends.

With your points, my gigs may seem like one of those, but Fiverr itself have all the proof that I got my only two clients at the moment from the Buyers Request. What one sees as black could be white after all. Please, let’s not conclude things that we can’t guarantee as the fact. Thanks.

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