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How to disable my gigs


how to disable my gig from showing up on seller’s profile??

I don’t want my gigs being published to public. Thats absolutely a no-no


Hi there!

When you accept delivery, there’s a little checkbox which you can tick to let your work be shown in the seller’s portfolio - if you don’t want it shown you don’t tick the box! :slight_smile:


That doesn’t exist anymore. it used to be there but not any longer, specially for videos.

I am ordering a gig just to see if it is back, if not I wouldn’t order any gig in fiverr anymore despite the fact I like fiverr


Has it changed recently? As far as I’m aware, all my buyers have the choice to add their videos or not to my portfolio. The other way round it would be to let the purchase auto complete, rather than you accepting it, and then I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t show up?


I have ordered 2 gigs two weeks ago and it wasn’t there. It really pissed me off. It ain’t right to force people for paid gig to their advantage. If the gig was free, I can understand but for a paid gig, hell no.


Why don’t you ask Customer Services if it’s changed - I’m sure they’ll be able to help you if you ask them! :slight_smile:


You can have this removed. Contact customer support for assistance.

Edit to add: The last time I purchased something, it showed me a window. When you hover over the window, there should be an option to click an “x” which disables the portfolio.
It might be different now, I am not 100% sure. CS will be able to clarify it.
Good luck :wink:


thats a problem if i have to do that with every single gig. Nor fiverr has stellar customer service that responds immediately. sometimes it take days


Well guys, I have ordered another gig just to see how it goes. If it happens again, I am out of here.

I am pretty sure i am not the only one. I almost forgot about it until two of my colleagues mentioned it to me last weekend.