How to disconnect my payoneer card from my account?


Hello there!
I want to disconnect my payoneer account from my Fiverr account please tell me need it so hard.


Contact payoneer customer support.


Funny thing is when i told payoneer about removiing my account from fiverr they told me to contact fiverr support team. No one takes any step to help me.


Yes, No one will take any steps to remove this option


I got issue with payoneer too. When, I first registered with them, everything looks good. But, when it all get approved, I send the copy of my ID, then received the card etc, then I made the first payout to payoneer, and then I spent 2 days tried looking where the section to transfer the money to my bank account is. none. so, actually they’re disable that option for me, because they said they do not associate with the banks in my country. But, the one who recommended me to use payoneer, and got no problem using it at all, also same nationality as me. So, I still don’t know what the problem is, and still got some cash stranded in the account. For cash withdrawal using the payoneer card at atm machine, i think i will get charged a lot. shouldn’t they just make it unavailable for registration at the very beginning for some countries they do not attend?


It’s better to pay for stuff with the card. Payoneer card can be used to pay for stuff in any store that accepts Mastercard.