How to display my previews work on my gallery


Hi, I want to know how to display my previews project (portfolio) in my gallery.
I know it depends on the buyer, if he chooses to remove or display the work he received.
However, what instructions exactly should I tell the buyer in case his settings are defaulted?

BTW, my live portfolio option is on.


You don’t need to say anything to your buyer. :slightly_smiling_face:

They’ll automatically be given the opportunity to allow or deny their work in your portfolio - just make sure you choose the right image etc. when you upload their delivery.


Thank you for your answer.
That’s what I though, but apparently, the buyer did not get the chance to choose.


Did you pick an image to have as your portfolio entry?

Did they get to the stage of leaving feedback?

Did you have your live portfolio switched on for that particular order?

Sorry for all the questions BTW! :slightly_smiling_face:

If all of those were ‘YES’ then maybe contact CS just to be sure?

This is the buyer info for the review process:

Hope it helps. :sunny:


Very helpful answer. Thank you


Thank you (: yes. the answer for all of them is yes.