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How to display my work record or any portfolio in profile?


Hello there,

I have created new account recenty. I have decorated my first gig as much as i could to make it perfect.
But i want my buyer to see my portfolio too. so i have added behance portfolio link in profile but wheni view it as a a buyer ti becomes invisible but appearonly in seller view

Please let me know how can i preview my work samples or portfolio in my profile so that my buyer can have a look there?

Thank you so much in advance for helping me :slight_smile:


Some can post the link to where the “ALLOWED” websites are.

I am here to tell you, that feature is currently DYSFUNCTIONAL.
So don’t worry about it.



Thanks for the reply. Is it fiver ? restricting me to show the behance portfolio link in my profile ?


Thanks ,

But this makes me upset as all of my work history is stored in BEHANCE :pensive: