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How To Dispute Chargebacks & Why Chargebacks Happen

I think that quote a few seller here aren’t aware of why Chargebacks happen and how they can dispute them. For starters, your buyer can’t initiate a chargeback if you’ve delivered everything that was decided the way it was decided. Even if your buyer initiates a chargeback you are well within your right to dispute it especially if the client Confirmed that everything was OK with the order. In such cases, just take images of the order and what you delivered and send them to Customer Support so that they can dispute the chargeback (you might need to be a bit forceful sometimes).

You can read more about it on Paypal’s site:


I read it. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you so much for your post. It was so important post for me.

Thanks for Sharing.:smiley: @ssj1236

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I have that situation at the moment, where Fiverr haven’t contacted me, neither has the seller regarding an order that was delivered 3 months ago and was fine at the time, only for it to be cancelled today.

If Fiverr customer service haven’t contacted to discuss it, is this a chargeback? And as long as you can provide the document that shows the work you did, do they normally set it right? I’ve heard a lot of people on social media saying that they did the same and Fiverr didn’t overturn.

More information on Chargebacks, from Fiverr’s side:

I think it depends on how clear/vague your ‘contract’ with the buyer was. Many sellers don’t clearly define what is or is not part of the job, leaving loopholes for buyers to have legitimate (if scummy) means for cancellations/chargebacks.

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