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How to Dispute something I had done

who do I contact on Fivvr is there managaement

@eoinfinnegan gave you a direct link to open a ticket which should work. If it doesn’t, click the link for the Customer Support page and then click submit a ticket in the upper right-hand corner.

It’s worth trying to exhaust everything you can do with the seller first. Many sellers are willing to offer modifications to their customers if the customer can explain what’s not right. And not just because they’re being nice, but because they’re probably people like myself - parents, with kids, whose online work is their life-line - and they want to make an effort to avoid negative reviews wherever possible. If you’ve tried everything you can with your seller and still aren’t getting anywhere, then customer support can try to mediate the conflict, just be aware that they won’t always go against the seller. If the customer service rep you talk to thinks the seller did what was advertised, then you may not have any resolution except to leave a scathingly negative review for the seller.

I was supposed to get a original content articles and now I found out there copy and paste from someone else

Are you 100% sure they have been copy and pasted and not just spun? If you have ran your articles through a plagarism checker and this has identified them as copied you obviously should seek to have this situation remedied. However, if an article just sounds the same or deals with the same subject matter it likely will not turn out to be plagiarized. I don’t mean to sound patronizing by saying this but some articles might sound a lot like an original article which they have been spun from and still pass a plagiarism check. In this case, it wouldn’t be fair to attack your seller, instead you should just leave a review which you think best describes the quality of work which you have recieved from them.

some are word for word and then took one part of a article copied it took another part of a diferent article copied it and another and another and put them together,Thats copying not originaliuty your own words.Its been resolved and the person was caught.Thank you for all your comments