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How to do bank transfer in Bangladesh

Hello, Im from Bangladesh .
I recently did some projects & now i want to withdraw the money. How can i do it? I have opened a payooner account just now & gave the DBBL bank infos.
What should i do now? Should i transfer from fiverr to payoneer & then payooner to bank?
What’s the minimum amount that o can withdraw? & how many days it takes to go from payoneer to DBBL?
& what is the charge for each transfer?
Would be great if someone could help.


1st fiverr to payneer , then, payneer to DBBL
1st time transfer takes 14 days time for withdraw.
best of luck

Just withdrawn the money from fiverr to payooner… it shows withdrawn in fiverr… but in my payooner account i still don’t see any balance… By any chance do u know why is that happening?


Are you sure ?
Recheck fiverr .
I thing fiverr could shows your payment pending.

Fiverr shows withdrawn… & payooner shows pending, under review

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wait some days …everything will be ok


Ok thank you so muchh… i was getting worried as its my first time :slight_smile:

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welcome… @arveena

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wrong!I had done my withdraw from payoneer in one days!Sometimes it’s take 3-4 days.But It was taken 1 days for mine!

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Lets hope it takes less time :slight_smile:
But do i need to upload my nid? i have provided my nid numer while opening my apyoneer account. Bt i used the bank info and name of my mother… so whose nid with photo should i upload? mine as i provided the nid number or my mothers because the account name is hers?

you should provide all of those data who’s bank account details you are added there.

Ok thanks, actually i didn’t notice it while opening the account… so i thought to provide my nid… bt now that the other infos are of my moms so i think i should up her nid

Yes!It’s sensitive case.So,you should need more careful for this.Best of luck…

You can take help from utube .