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How to do Buyers and sellers conversations (for sellers)



I am a level 2 seller and i am here on fiver for more then a year now, I earned more then i really expected and i am happy with what i earn here (now a days i am getting very low sales but as i have been told that these ups and downs come here and sales will change here).

As we all know you should always be true to your gig description but you should also try to master the art of conversations with the buyer too, always remember, just like in real world, the people you are having conversations with are real, with there real life issues and problems, with there sadness and happiness, many of them will be understanding and sportive to your work and they will be a charm to work with, but just like in real life there will be few people that might woke up on the wrong side of the bed, may be grumpy or may be they just came here to test your patients limits.

Now this will be the time to show how much professional you are and this will be the perfect time to show your abilities to deal with these people positively, always be polite to buyers, try to describe your services and the dliverys in detail, try to leave no part of the deal or work behind. when a buyer gives you instructions on the job that he wants, and you are confused on some point, politely ask the buyer to explain that point to you and if there is any problem that you can not handle ( there will be some times when you will think that it is too much or you can not deal with the buyers behavior or some thing) then contact Fiverr customer support and let them know what is going on and they will help you accordingly, but having said that.

Customer support should be your last choice and you should try to deal with it on your own, that way you will get more experience and in the process good rating too. and if you deal with a difficult client in good way then that client might prove himself one of your best buyer, not every one is grumpy all the time, some of them turn out to be very polite and very nice persons. as i have experience some buyers want more then what they have paid for and if you do not put up with that, they will not be happy, so if doing a little more then what you have promised makes a good client out of that person then personally i think that is not a bad deal, in the long run you will profit from it .

Your gig is like a some kind of retail store or some saloon but the difference is that it is not in your city but it is there internationally, so buyers from other counties might not understand you correctly or because of the culture difference they might not understand your intentions, so you will have to be very clear and careful about that and try to use emoji specially happy one’s, because a smile is recognized a happy gesture no matter where you are from and a smile will go long way for you too.
Always learn from your mistakes and try to avoid them in future.

I hope i was of some help to you to become a high rated seller.

Thank you


Why do you continue to use VPN and display your location as USA when clearly it isnt?


You might consider breaking up this large paragraph into small clumps. Otherwise -


Thank you for your suggestion, just like here i am also new to forums, and this is my first attempt to do so.:slight_smile:


I am new to states, and learning the language and being good in writing is little difficult for me, but i am trying and hopefully i will master it or at least be good enough that i can convey my point, but thank you for pointing that out for me. :confused:


If you are typing your message from the USA, then I am currently typing my message from Antarctica. I came here for research and now chat with penguins :penguin: daily.

Falsifying your location to get customers will only get you so far. Then moment you start talking to someone from USA, they will know the truth.


Thank you for the advise :slight_smile: