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How to do dropshipping



Does everyone who has the experience of doing drop shipping?


I’m sure Google will help you - it’s not really relevant to Fiverr buyers and sellers. :sunny:



As a rule, if when on hearing bout a new way to make money, the first thing you do is run to a public place and shout "how does this work?’ - You probably shouldn’t invest a penny.


The most important thing you have to learn about e-commerce is: There are “gurus” out there who will tell you that it’s easy to get rich FAST.
All you have to do is buying their online training / workshop / ebook / xy secret of [insert random stuff here] - right now!

Don’t believe them.


Do not do any type of shipping on fiverr. It just doesn’t work. Better to do it on eBay which is set up for it.

You can read about drop shipping by searching on google.