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How to do Fiverr Gig Promotion?

The most common way to boost sales you often hear being touted over the interwebs is “just promote your gigs on social media platforms and sales will come flooding in.” It’s a common mantra for a reason, in that it’s an effective strategy for finding new buyers.

However, not everyone has the resources to start creating ads, or large audiences to promote to.

Instead, I want to focus on simple but powerful steps anyone can take, no matter what level they might be. Some of these steps can be implemented in a matter of minutes, while others might take a bit more time.

Sharing the Gig on social platforms like Facebook, Dribble, Stack Overflow, Twitter, and LinkedIn increases the ranking by 99%. As most of the public is active on social media, there are higher chances of getting impressions, clicks, and even orders. This practice tells the Fiverr search engine that more people are interested in visiting your Gig, which is considered to improve ranking