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How to do GIG SEO Properly

This may be one of the most frustrating topic for every seller. Let me make it simple for you.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process where it helps your gig to climb up according to your niche and keywords. And if you are new, you have to be a lot careful when you are doing your SEO.

First step- identify your niche. First of all try to understand what service you are gonna dive. If you want to design a logo the Logo Design is your niche. If you are a lead generator the Lead Generation is your niche.

Second step- Select a proper Title
Here you have to think about a customer. If you were a were a customer how would you search for a Logo Designer? You would go to fiverr then search LOGO DESIGNER. Right?? So be creative and set a Title like “I will do creative logo design for you” or “i will do logo design creatively”. Think like a customer.

Third step- Add SEO Title Wisely
Here you have to add a title which will help you to have better SEO. For that, remember you have to set a title containing your main keyword and any related keyword but within 50 characters. So our main keyword was logo design and our title wasi will do creative logo design. So lets make a seo title like Do Logo design, symbolic logo design. Here you have your main keyword LOGO DESIGN and a secondary keyword SYMBOLIC LOGO DESIGN. Here also when you are choosing secondary keyword, you have to think that what else a buyer can search on fiverr according to your niche.

Fourth step -Select searchable tags

When selecting tags, select the tags that can be searched by a buyer. In simple word, add other keywords that are matching with your title and niche, make them as tags.

Fifyh step- Write a strong Description containing all the tags and keywords
Be creative with your description. When writing, make sure that All your keywords a present in your description. Take time to write it. Arrange it, rearrange it until you are happy. Also try to add FAQ’s and put you keywords in those answers.

I hope this will be handy for you. Let me know if you want to share some other techniques or this one helps you. Visit my fiverr account if you can manage a small amount of time for me😊

Thank you and best regards


helpfull for new seller,thank you so much

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thank you for share with us.

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My pleasure to be helpful sir

My pleasure to be helpful sir. Thank you