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How to do, if the buyer asks you more than what there's in the description



I do not know if you’ve had the inconvenience or not. Sometimes, There are buyers who believe that their $ 5 is worth more than the work you provide. And he begins to ask for more work, so he can mark the service as “Done” (fragglesrock). To keep “100% POSITIVE RATING” are accepted.

In case if I do not, is that I am protected (as a seller)?

Sheriff’s Note: Calling someone out is not allowed here.


Reply to @bachas85: Thank you for your comfort. I am a beginner. I must now be “Level 1”. But because I have 2 Mutual cancellation, I am penalized.

How am I protected? Is what I should contact the Customer Support?


I also got one buyer like that, the best way is- if what he is asking is only a small improvement , then do it because cancellations are never good for you.

If he is asking substantially more, then report CS , and even they don’t do anything then try all diplomatic efforts or finally cancel, because sometimes cancelling is better than negative feedback


In my experience if you are very clear with what you are offering in your description and also clarify what extras are on offer, then you are well within your rights to send the buyer a simple message ’ please refer to my extras list for your additional requirements. I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Reply to @vedarth22: Thank you, indeed I try not to have a bad evaluation. But sometimes you have to put an end to requests that exceed the limits.


Reply to @seodummy: My description is clear. I gave him the job and he asks for more. I told him I am willing to do it. No answer. And he don’t want mark the service as " Complete"