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How to do right portfolio link

I have received this message after creation of my gig: “You may not refer users to sites other than
The Fiverr marketplace is aimed at connecting buyers and sellers using our platform and not for advertising external services. All communications, ordering, delivery, and payments must be completed exclusively within Fiverr.”

I have placed a link to PDF file with my portfolio of works in dropbox, because to upload PDF more than 2,5mb there is no opportunity on the website! (mine is bigger)

How to place a correct link to my portfolio on Fiverr?

You can only use links from the approved list:

Fiverr dont allow this type of external link, so its avoid it

Not one of these resources isn’t suitable for placement of the PDF file which I have created especially for this website. How me on another to give to people the chance to look at my works for the choice and their order?

Is that PDF file the only way to show your work? If you’re a photographer, can’t you upload photo by photo to Flickr (just an example), and use that as your portfolio?

If that PDF file is absolutely the only way to show your work to potential buyers, perhaps you could write in your gig descriptions that buyers should ask you for examples of your work, and when they do, send them the file.