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How to do SEO of your fiverr profile and gigs?

For Fiverr Profile

  1. Finalize your most common skill/profession name as your primary keyword
  2. Look for secondary keyword (Other common words for your skill/profession)
  3. Use exact word in your sentences with 5% keyword density.
  4. Try to use secondary keyword 2 to 3 times in your profile

For Fiverr Gigs

  1. Finalize your basic keyword (you must have used that important word in your gig title)
  2. Look for secondary keyword (Optional)
  3. Use exact word in your sentences.
  4. Fiverr warns about excessive use of any word.
  5. When you have reached the allowed number of usage of your primary keyword, you can use secondary keyword in sentences.
  6. Try to share your gigs on social media on daily basis.
  7. Apart from these, use images and videos as per fiverr guidelines.