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Hi I am totally new to this! I am providing resume services and give rewrites. Do I Deliver the Gig first and then they tell me what they want changed or do I upload a copy to them in the chat feature? Also, does Fiverr prompt them for payment to me?



Welcome to Fiverr. Fiverr works in two ways. One way is that you develop your gigs. The gigs will remain in fiverr. Any seller who will find your service attractive, bid on that. Or may ask you more regarding your service and pricing.

The other way is for you to look for ‘buyer requests’. And, you bid on the requests matching your skills and price. You can upload a gig in the time of submitting ‘buyer request’.

No, Fiverr does not allow for payment directly to you. If you get an order, fiverr will collect the money from buyer in advance. Upon successful completion of the task, you will receive the money from fiverr.

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Of course you should deliver it through big green “deliver” button. If your client need any changes they can request it through the system.

As for payments you can read how that works in terms and conditions and fiverr help page. They also have free course on keen fiverr on how to be a great seller where they explain the whole process and how their system works in a great detail

Hi, if you want to add a draft as a bonus to keep the customers engaged and updated with the work, then yes you can send them a draft and ask for their feedback on the work. On the contrary you can just deliver the work and offer revisions in case customers wish to change something. The important thing is to offer value, and make the customer’s experience as pleasant as possible. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! Very helpful!