How To Do You Handle Clients Like This


I do have this issue, and most times, I take a deep breath, and try and do what I can…Sometimes it hurts me…

This is it, you did a gig, all finished, dusted…Delivered the gig, and await those reviews for a great work…None came, until after few minutes for the 3 days automatic fiverr delivery, your client clicked on gig modification…

And they wrote, oh, you miss this, when they know you did not, but they had tampered with the work , and you know it too…Do you breath in and out, go ahead and fix it(I do this sometimes), or you charge for new gig (I do this sometimes), if client writes a 2 star review about this for re-charging them, I don’t think they broke any rule on fiverr, but it certainly affects you…

Can i hear your opinions seller…What is the best route of action?


If you offer revisions, then complete their revision request. You should abide by the terms of your own gig. If, however, you do not offer revisions, then don’t complete their revision request, but rather, send them a custom order for the additional work, and remind them that you do not work for free.

Don’t let sellers take advantage of you or bully you into providing them with services that you do not offer. And most of all… do not work for free.


Thanks Jonbass, I offer 3 revisions for this type of gig, I have done those, hence, I was expecting a thank you not, not modification…Thanks for your input


Just be careful And always remember buyer are always right


The buyer is NOT always right. The terms of the seller are always right.

A buyer can either choose to accept the terms of a seller, or move on to another seller. The buyer is not entitled to have their way, just because they want it. The terms of a service are always right (insofar as that service is concerned).


Is this a new terms, That I never aware of it


Jon is right, you have to do it without getting upset if that is written in your GIG, but you don’t offer free revisions, then you should charge for it.


You should see my gig requirements section where the customer needs to fill out their info… There are so many clauses and I make sure I am very clear. I am wary of customers trying it on. It’s happened in the past and I’m doing what I can to prevent any more of these so called misunderstandings.

Is this something you could do maybe?


“The buyer is always right” is just a saying.

You set the terms in your gig - if you fulfill the buyer’s requirements within the terms you’ve set out, then you’ll always be right, and your buyers should always be happy! :slight_smile:

@photoswatch - you’re absolutely right! If your requirements are as precise as mine, there will be far less chance of misunderstanding, requests for revisions etc. - again, happy buyers! :slight_smile: