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How to download files from seller?


I received a message from the seller saying my order was “delivered”. But I can’t find any link in the message she sent me to download the files. I click on the little ikon box saying “heres your delviery” but it does not take me anywhere. Can anyone help?


Is there usually supposed to be an attachment link?


I don’t know what it looks like from the buyer’s side, but from the seller’s side, on the order page and under the “here’s your delivery” box, there should be a message from the seller and an attachment (or a few attachments, depending on the delivery).


document should be attached. if not there ask seller to send it again


I can´t download any attachment. What Can I do?


Ok. You should not bump a 2-year-old thread but anyways-
You are the buyer or seller?


I’m the seller … I think I Can’t download any type of attachment, I clicked the link but doesn’t work anything.


I had this issue just now, read faq and it was due to my adblocker not showing the link, disable adlocker on fiverr, refresh the order page and you will see the link in/under “Order Requirements”. If not click “Show requirements”.


I know people seem to get irritated on here about a link that over 2 years old and such… but if there are similar issue and are unresolved WE need the help + are asking for it.

I accepted the review + even took it a step further + reviewed him. I was happy with the sample + our correspondence…

I didn’t realize that my order ALTHOUGH it says delivered- I have not received my product I purchased. What are my options now? I have contacted the seller…
I guess if I do not hear from this person within a day I need to file a dispute to get a resolution.
Any other suggestions?

Is there a link for a file to download that is hidden somewhere else? As a buyer, this isn’t my first purchase so I’m finding this aggravating. Could this be my fault for accepting the review?

Thank you.


Did you have any luck? This is my first time using Fiverr and all that is linked from the seller is JPG images that she placed on my blog. She didn’t provide any vector files, or source file like the package said. I messaged the seller, but I don’t know how helpful she will be because I gave her a bad review for late delivery, ignoring my one request, denying my revision and not providing 4 logos. If I have accepted my order (because I like the logo) is it too late to file a dispute?


I’ve been trying to figure out for since i got my file yesterday what I’m doing wrong. I requested and my ordered was completed. I got a fiverr file to download, but it was a text file with just lots of links. I asked for an ABOUT ME 200-300 word writing, not tons of link to different websites. I messaged seller, but no respond as of yet. How long should I wait before contacting Fiverr? Am I doing something wrong? Where else would I be able to see my file?


Hey! I’m having the same problem. I have a android. But, my files won’t downloand. Should I take the phone to the phone store?


you should try another browser and try it again, maybe you can download the file :hugs: