How to Drive New User Morale Into the Abyss with Fiverr!


Thanks for reading How to Drive New User Morale Into the Abyss with Fiverr! My name is Yoon (URL not allowed in this category - Mod removed), and I’m brand new to the Fiverr market. Initially, I thought really highly of this place. I’ve bought a couple gigs now and have had two great experiences. That being said, just today my “New User Euphoria” has been dashed and my Fiverr ambition slayed by the deceptive practices of big business. I’m sure others have gone through this same experience…

Fiverr constantly shows us New Users, and probably the old user too, a referal ad page of sorts. Telling us to send emails to friends encouraging them to sign up with Fiverr too. The incentive, as most of us know, is that if our friend makes a purchase we the referrer gets recompensed $5 per every 1st purchase. Which I thought sounded fantastic!

Hold the Phone! This isn’t Fantastic…

''What a great deal." I thought…until I checked on my earnings today. It should be known, that all my friends got together to celebrate our friends who graduated from ASU last night. It’s was a great time. Over the course of the night the Fiverr topic came up with a couple of my friends and all of them assured me that they’ve made a purchase already and were very appreciative for the invite. In fact, all the friends I invited, love Fiverr. Sadly, Fiverr doesn’t even respect us enough to be upfront with users, let alone love us.

I cannot Imagine How Many Other People Have Hated This

In that same “refer a friend ad” there was no small print that said sign up to become an affiliate first, or anything of that nature that I’ve been able to find. But if you’re like me, you learned the hard way. Get this, if you don’t sign up to be an affiliate before you sent your emails from that page you will not be paid for your conversions.

How to Drive New User Morale Into the Abyss with Fiverr! In Conclusion

Maybe, I am wrong and just too much of a Novice to know any better. Maybe, I am ranting for no reason, and Fiverr will keep their end of the bargain. Hopefully, I am not right in this situation, and I can go back to respecting and loving Fiverr. Unrtil I get paid for my conversions though that is not going to be the case. It’s not hard, to Show How to Drive New User Morale into the Abyss with Fiverr! It’s like stealing candy from an unsuspecting and naively trusting customer.


how would fiverr possibly know that the new user was sent from you if you don’t use a referral link?
This seems like common sense.


A short answer is, You need your own referral link to get paid, so the new users would click on your link and signup. That’s all my friend.


It is common sense the same way they know and were able to tell me that my referrals had signed up. Read up on cookies


I bet you need a direct referral link, No cookies or browser’s history will work on this.


Fiverr is not a dating website. The Customer Service reps that I have worked with over the years have been great people – very helpful. But I’d hardly say that they are in love with me (nor should they be)… :wink:


If they wanted to they could get their users paid for their conversions. The bigger point is that they use deceptive tactics in order not pay anyone.


If you need honesty and answers from Fiverr, take a moment and contact Customer Support. Ask them directly. They do not read these forums. Complaining here is not going to resolve your concerns.


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