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How to drive traffic to your Fiverr gigs? How to do marketing for your Fiverr gigs?

Keywords of your gigs play a very important role. Put yourself in shoes of a buyer and think about the keywords they would use to search for the services you are offering.
2. Make sure to include appropriate keywords in your gig’s title
3. Keywords should be included in your gig’s description
4. Appropriate tagging should be done
5. Including a video describing the gig
6. Eye-catching images that attract many visitors
7. Your gig should be publicized on appropriate forums threads.
8. You should share your gig on Twitter, Facebook etc.
9. Descriptions should be concise and clear, preferably in bullet format.
10.Try to include testimonials for the successfully completed gigs.
11.Build a free blog that can serve as a home page for the keyword on the services you are offering. You can also create a YouTube channel which can help you promote your services. Gigs can also be promoted by guest blogging, blog commenting etc.
12.Basic SEO(search engine optimization) for your homepage can route traffic straight from Google page for your services.

These are a few important pointers one should keep in mind before creating a Fiverr business. I can’t emphasize enough how this platform is such a great place to start earning an extra income.

Search for a special talent that you possess and prepare a gig on it. This would be beneficial for the buyers of your services and extra income for you. Stay blessed… if you need any help regarding data entry, virtual assistant, research related problems and content writing and IT/computer science related assistance… feel free to contact… we all are learners here :slightly_smiling_face:
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