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How to EARN $1000 per week by Fiverr?

We need your help. how to we will EARN $1000 per week? this is possible? right now we are reach to EARN per week around $300.

Please share your valuable thoughts.
Fora3 Studio

Create 10 gigs, charge $100 per gig and try and sell 10 a week. 20 gigs charged at $50 would also work.

There is no way of guaranteeing that any seller will make $1000 per week on Fiverr. Success on that level depends entirely upon how well you present your services, how trustworthy you prove to be with the buyers you work for, and, most of all, how many buyers have need or your services.

You can make more than 1000$ if you work on your English. You’d better remove those s’s after every verb in your gig description. That doesn’t stop here and there are plenty of other mistakes in your every gig.

P.S: I am not trying to be perfect or saying I know the language very well, but it is simple English and we don’t say "We delivers, puts, takes & … ".

The work they do has nothing to do with English. It is clear that they are very talented. I saw their Gigs right now. They just need to keep doing what they are doing.

OP, you are doing a great job, just keep doing what you are doing. Are you from Gujarat? My favorite state in India.

But it is good advice, and they should follow it.

Yes thanks for the suggestion we will improve the English

Yes we are from Ahmedabad Gujarat.

Thanks for the appropriate man :slight_smile:


You can’t, unless you work to become a top seller

I am not judging their English, I was just saying that improving English might help alot. If they are very talented, there is still something wrong. Correct grammar would really improve customer experience as most of the customers are from English speaking countries.

I agree, good grammar is essential to create a professional appearance.

If your CV had many grammatical errors then the company would be less likely to hire you than if you had good grammar. It’s like your physical appearance in interviews, if you dress like you don’t care about the impression you give to others, they’ll instantly start thinking negatively about you.

Yes of course it is possible to earn $1000 a week on fiverr and much more than that. Many people are doing it.

@ilyosinn and @georgecollier, Yes thanks for the suggestion we will improve the English :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Work like a machine and you can do it.

Thanks a lot for advice :slight_smile: we will try this.

I would agree that good grammar is important for any gig regardless of the catagory.

Great example, right to the point :slight_smile: