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How to earn $3000 monthly from fiverr?

I am Video Editor and Graphics Designer. How can i earn $300 monthly. Is it possible and how ? Pls experts and top sellers must be suggest ?

$300 or $3000?
Edit your title or description

Is it too much as an expert freelancer ? Knowing to me, many expert freelancers earns more that $3000? What do you think ?

Create ten gigs and aim to make $30 in each gig

Just do the promotion on Social networking sites and give your best
Never Give up !!!
I am sure soon you’ll earn 3000$ per month

Thank you so much.

Thanks for your best suggestions !

I think before thinking about making $3000 you should concentrate on your initial sale
because if you keep thinking about making $3000 you will never be satisfied with less.

If you are not satisfied you will fail.

Dividing your service into many categories doesn’t work at all,You need to have multiple talents in order to make different gigs,If you have its amazing i’d recommand you to do

If you don’t have don’t bother wasting time.
Focus on the quality of service on which you consider yourself best at.

Once you’ll start selling and people loving your work quality they will come back
you will soon earn 3K per month.

I really don’t know how much do you know about the services you are offering
But a rough calculation would be “2 Years” for making 3000
and “1 Year” if you are outstanding in that niche

Thank you so much. I inspired much. I must remember your valuable reply.

Your welcome :slight_smile: Have some great sales

Thanku me to like this

Your gig titles are all wrong, you have one called:

“I will create 5 amazing INTRO animation”

That’s not true, I clicked on the gig and saw a HEART animation, I also see you don’t do 5 animations, but one 5 SECONDS animation.

So how is the guy that needs a heart animation going to find you? You need a gig title like this:

"I will deliver a 5 second HEART animation in 3 days.“
"I will make a HEART animation in 3 days.”

Good luck.

I got an extra knowledge from your comments. Thank you so much !

You’re welcome! I wish you good luck during your Fiverr journey. :wink: