How to earn $500 from a $5 Order


Hello Doers,
As the title says, it may look like a tips and tricks article but I’m not sure if this will be a good tip for you.

I’m just sharing my experience so that may be you can also be beneficial from it.

Maximum sellers on fiverr try to know how to rank up their gig, Or, how to get more orders. But I was thinking how can my orders be upsold. And that’s how I figured out a way.

Note: This thing worked for me in 3 different orders. Professionals will know best how to get more orders or how to rank up.

Last week I got an order of $10 to design a children book illustration. It was from BR. Though, I offer $40 per illustration but in this case the illustration was easy. So offered $10 and the buyer contacted me. He asked for samples and on that moment I was on my mobile. I just have 3 very bad illustrations saved on my mobile and send them to the client. My intention was, I knew that I can illustrate better than the samples so if the client get impressed then I’ll get a chance to surprise him with my better illustrations. I told him that I’m not that much professional and those samples were my best works. (Lie. Those were the worst).

Client replied, “Thanks for your honesty. Most of the sellers shows images from off the google and pretend that those are their works”

He placed the order and I was correct, he got surprised to see the final delivery. He said, “I don’t believe you did this”. So I send him the source file also. Just to make him satisfied. And then the game started.

He tipped me $30 on a $10 order. Total $40, which was my gig price. And then said, he has 12 more pages to be illustrated. I asked him if he was satisfied or not. He said, “The tip is the prove of my satisfaction buddy. Great job”

And then just right then he placed another order of $500. 12 page illustrations 12*$40=$480. He just rounded up the figure $500.

So, I decided to show my medium level works as my best works as samples. And in a single week I have earned $1280. From 3 different clients with the same trick.

Please comment your ideas, if you think you should try this method.

Thank you all,
Shahriar Shuvo