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How to earn from fiverr?


Hi friends. How are you ? I am new in Fiverr. How i will earn money on fiverr?
I know about:
---- Wordpress Theme Customization.
---- Wordpress Development.
---- Wordpress Blog
---- Adobe Illustrator.

Anybody can help to give professional Trix.

Md. Mozzammel Hossain


Dear ‘another Wordpress developer’,

Here’s some professional trix you can use to snatch my livelihood and make sure my kids and pets die of hunger and starvation :

  1. Communicate well.
  2. Negotiate well.
  3. Deliver good work.
  4. Deliver on time.

That’s it. That’s enough trix to make sure my loved ones never get to eat ever again. Like, never, ever.


To make money with fiverr.
Open a fiverr account and make 7 gig then send buyer request. You will get feedback.