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How to Earn Money on fiverr as a beginner?

My question is very simple and clear that how can i earn money or award project as a beginner because I don’t have any portfolio or any experience but i have a skill?

Unfortunately, you do need at least one marketable skill, and proof that you can complete that skill to a high level, before you can create a gig here on Fiverr. Fiverr is a freelance services website. You’re not going to make any money here unless you have a service people need.


Hi there @skysher1, my answer is very simple, what skill do you have?

You need to create a gig around that skill that you have, or else those skills won’t earn you anything here on Fiverr

I am doing a SEO course and its almost done but i don’t have any hand-on experience.
Where I am doing this course they will give Certification of SEO.

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Hi @skysher1, if you have any skill then set up your Gig, and offer your work to buyers.
Send buyer request daily to get an order and get paid. Thanks.

Positive mindset and a little of patience are some of the vital character you’ll need to scale through. You can start by promoting your gig on social media, also responding to offers on buyers request section can increase your chance of having your first sale.

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