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Having problem in buying and selling in market


Fiverr SEO =

1- Tags

2- Title

3- Rating

4- Orders

5- Description


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There are currently 3.2 MILLION gigs on sale on Fiverr. That is a lot of competition. It’s a challenge for all sellers to be easily found an Fiverr in the search results. When we are talking about gig SEO we are not referring to Google search rankings. This article is about how to get your gig ranked on top on Fiverr’s internal search results page.


1.) Recommended

2.) High Rating

3.) Express Gigs

4.) With Video

5.) New

Keyword in gig title:

This is the most important Fiverr SEO factor: ALWAYS put your target keyword(s) in the gig title.

ALL titles contain the exact match keyword combination I entered in the search field. Think with your buyers’ head “What would they search for if they wanted to buy a gig like mine?”. If you find the right answer to that question and add it to you gig title, your gig page views will rise and you will surely receive more orders via the search page.

Keyword in username:

If you specifically target a niche it is wise picking a Fiverr username containing your main keyword. This way you will be placed on the page that you can bring up by using the “Looking for users containing “your keyword” Click here” option. One more SEO improvement done.


The closer you are to 100% the higher you will rank. Simple stuff… easier said that done though. Keep your buyers happy and you will climb up in Fiverr SERPs. The volume of votes are doesn’t always influence your search position. You don’t need tons of votes, just make sure they are 5 stars.

Seller Level status:

Level 1 and Level 2 sellers will more likely to shown closer to the top as they are trusted and tried gig providers. That’s understandable. To compensate this and give newbies a break there is a “New” filter that we mentioned earlier.

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If Success were Easy, everyone would have it, whether they Earned it or Not.

Making a Gig and then sitting back and waiting for cash to roll in is not how you become a success here or really anywhere online. You have to Work for it. There are many tips on this forum telling you HOW.



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