How to earn more?


Hi everyone!

It’s been 2/3 months I joined

I was very excited at early days. Soon I received few gigs. Then its paused for now. Can any tell me if there is any special way to get more order for own gig?

Please check my gig:



The difficulty is probably a very limited market for your gig. So you need to expand your marketing via other toosl, twitter, blogs, facebook, google+ etc.


It’s unique which is good but I imagine as @orcatek said there is probably a limited audience for it. Maybe you could offer some other gigs related to your language skills, like fun birthday/celebration messages or something to try and find some more buyers. Promotion in the right places, like langauge learning sites will help too.


Read this topic. It will answer most of your questions.


thanks @orcatek @academictext @bigbadbilly

ll follow now