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How to earn on fiverr for living

Hello guys,

I am Samson, new here on fiverr. I am web designer and developer having 9+ years of experience in web design. Unfortunately, Currently I am going through very bad financial condition and really hope a lot from fiverr. Actually I am very good at web design and development but I am not good at sales and marketing. I really need Tips and suggestions from your guys to get sales. Below is link of my gig which I made yesterday. Kindly suggest me if there is any need of changes or improvement.

I am having expertise in web development technologies like php-mysql, HTML-CSS, Wordpress, magento, etc. But I dont know how to brings sales. Kindle help.

Thank you for reading. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to Fiverr. Just a small point … you talk about yourself in your profile description and then you say “we create” in your gig description. This can be confusing and off putting to buyers. Read the forum for tips and there is lots of useful information in the Also you need to be patient. Some sellers take months to get their first order. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


First of all, I still don’t earn enough from Fiverr to answer the question but I can tell you that if you are just getting started I suggest you get yourself a plan B… C,D and E too.

It is certainly possible to earn a living from Fiverr but not when you are just getting started.
Reviews, networking and returning clients make a huge part of a successful business and those only come after you prove you can provide high quality work, great customer support and all that stuff.

Good luck :wink:


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Same information @sawebstudio deserve.

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WELCOME to Fiverr!
I wanted to share a few helpful articles with you.

Enjoy the adventure! :relaxed:


Thanks for this information. :slight_smile:


thank you @nikavoice

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Well said. Thank you. :slight_smile: